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Updated: Jan 20

The Internal Revenue Service has announced that the 2023 tax filing season officially begins January 29, 2024. We are happy to announce that our firm will begin processing returns for electronic file on February 2, 2024. This will allow us time to test our software to ensure that all critical updates have been applied and that the taxing jurisdictions’ systems are running smoothly. With the IRS expecting more than 128.7 million returns to be filed by the April 15th, we HIGHLY encourage you to avoid delays and not wait until the last minute to file your returns.  Contact us TODAY with any questions or concerns. We are happy to be of assistance to you!!!

Submitting Tax Documents

All tax documents must be submitted to the portal to secure your place in our preparation queue.  Please refer to your prior year portal folder and our resources page to assist with determining what documents should be submitted.  Not doing so can cause delays in the processing of your returns and could result in a rework fee being applied. Timely submission will ensure that your returns are complete and filed by the statutory deadlines. See our cutoff dates below. Any documents submitted AFTER the cutoff date will require an extension.

Firm Policy Changes

Invoices for all services must be paid in full PRIOR to the electronic submission of returns, signing of returns for mail, or presentation of any final deliverables. All invoices will be sent from our e-Pay system under

  • Rate changes:

  • $25 Increase in our Individual Tax Preparation Fees

  • $25 Extension Filing Fee

  • Rush Fee - Tax Preparation $75; For all other services 15% of total estimated fees

  • Rework Fee - $50 Minimum

Don't Forget

  • Last day to make a deductible 2023 Health Spending Account (HSA) contribution is April 15th

  • Last day to make a 2023 IRA Contributions is April 15th 

  • Last day to take your required minimum distribution is April 1st, if you turned 73 in 2023

  • 2024 1st Quarter Estimated Tax Payment Due April 15th

  • Tax planning is for EVERYONE & isn’t a once-a-year-task. Be proactive & let us help you plan now! Maximize your benefits and minimize any tax time surprises.

Waiting List Open

Interested in becoming a new client? Join our waitlist today. We will be adding new clients throughout tax season as capacity opens up.

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