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Tax Season is Here!!

It's Tax Time!!!

The IRS announced that they will begin accepting and processing tax returns on February 12th. Although this is a late start for the filing season, we will begin accepting 2020 tax documentation for processing January 25th with submissions beginning once the IRS opens their system. As of today, the tax deadlines have not been extended, so we will continue to operate according to the deadlines noted below. Thanks to the coronavirus (among other things), a lot has changed for the 2021 tax season. We want you to be prepared to tackle your taxes before they tackle you. We encourage you to contact us today to establish a game plan for your accounting and tax needs. We are here to help and looking forward to working with you this year. Be sure to visit our website for various resources and updates. Thank you for being a valued client!!

Check out our new client portal!! Axcess Portal allows you to view, upload, and download documents through a secure web-based portal. In light of COVID-19 and delays with the various mail/delivery services, we will be solely utilizing the portal to receive and manage clients documents. To get started with your portal, check your email inbox (or spam) for an invite to your Client Axcess account. If you did not receive an invite, please click the link below to make a request and we will get your account set up once your client status is verified.

In an effort to remain vigilant as it relates to COVID-19 and ensure the safety of our team and clients, we will continue operate remotely. Therefore, please note that we will not conduct in-person meetings and document pick-ups/drop-offs this year. We ask that you utilize the Client Portal to submit documentation. In the event that you are in need of a consultation, please use the link below to schedule a day and time that is convenient for you to have a video or phone consultation. We will make every effort to honor your request, but please note that, during busy season and as we get closer to the various filing deadlines, adjustments may be required. We will do our best to contact you within 24 hours of your scheduled consultation to request such adjustments.

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